10 Reasons Clients hates Software Developers

Today, you will know what your clients hate about you as a Software Developer and we know most times they clients are not helping. For instance, they ask for a lot but with little pay or they even ask for the impossible( anything is possible if you are willing to think through it), there are even some clients that have great ideas and you as a Software Developer would not want to let them know you cannot do it not because you don’t have the time but because you don’t know how to go about it.

At Switch Webstudio we have a Developer, Esther Oyeleye who takes on any project not because of the income but because she is willing to learn, she loves taking on new challenges.

But there are other developers that rather than saying they can go it, they just tell the clients they cannot, and that way you loose the client.

Important thing is to get contacts of other Developers you know can likely do the software, so instead of telling your client NO, you tell them you can and give another Developer to do it, that way the clients can refer you. As a Software Developer, you cannot be the best in the tech world if you don’t ask other developers to help.

A Software Developer, you need to know what your client’s needs are, and by doing this you will learn what they don’t like, so you can make amends and get more clients.

Below are 10 things your Clients hates about you!

1. You stress them every time
Jide is a web developer in Nigeria and he has a client in the UK, who wanted a website revamp. So this client sent Jide all the details of her website and was waiting for a feedback but unknown to the client, that was not all the information Jide wanted. The website was built on WordPress and the details you need to have added to your website are
. Hosting details (cPanel)
. WordPress login details

The Client only sent the WordPress login details, but Jide being the web developer needs access to the cPanel to back up the website, know the size of the website and other necessary information concerning the website.

Jide kept asking the Client for the cPanel details, unknown to the client the last Developer did not give her the login details to the cPanel and she doesn’t have the contact of the Developer anymore. Jide keeps telling her he cannot do anything on the website or else he has details of the cPanel. This is enough stress for the Client, she is not tech-inclined and all she wants is for her website to be up and running.

As a Software Developer, search for other ways to revamp the website other than through the cPanel, There are 1000 ways to solve a particular problem and if you do not see one, It’s time to make your own algorithm.

2. You charge a lot
We know Software Developers spend a lot of time coding, generally they spend all day coding, their lives is all about coding. This is where they make money from. If you want to be a better software developer try to charge your clients according to what you are doing for them not what you feel is the right amount to bill them.

“I met a client once that wanted to build a website and I told her the price, she screamed and the next thing she was, I will watch YouTube tutorials and build my own website. That’s how I lost my client because I wanted to earn more cash.
John Clement

Software Developers continue to emerge by the day. One thing you need to learn as a software developer is to maintain a good customer service or else another Developer who just started is ready to take them.

Solution: Charge according to what you are doing for them not the price you feel like charging them.

“When I started website development, I met a client who wanted a one-page website just for his business awareness. I told him the price was 30,000 naira and he was shocked and felt I did not know what I was doing, so I did not hear from him again.
Saburi Arinze

What happens to Arinze was lack of presentation, Next time, you will tell the client you will get back to him with proofs of why you charge him that amount and why your price is the best.

3. You take time to deliver
Software Developers have a tight schedule but one thing they do for clients is take up their work. As a Client, you will be blessed to have a Developer who is willing to bring your ideas to reality and help your business grow but mind you it is not only software he is building he has others at hand.

So as a Software Developer, it’s time to be more organized, check out the 10 applications to help Software developers to be organized. At Switch Webstudio we make use of various applications that makes working easier. To know what the software we use, click on the link above.

When you are an organized software developer, you are able to accommodate more clients because you would be able to schedule them, set reminders for them and so on.

4. Lying
This may be funny but it’s true. Some developers do this because they feel their clients don’t know about software development and you keep telling them false things. You might be able to get away with it but just hope they don’t come across another software developer that will tell them the truth and this will create a bad image for your brand so always watch what you say to clients.

5. Bad Customer Service
Clients! Not all developers have a big company where they can hire a customer care representative, some are freelancers and you expect them to talk to you like a customer care representative.

A Software Developer is always straight to the point, they tell you this is what you need and this is the solution.

A customer care representative is a people person. He talks to you like a friend and is ready to answer all questions because that is his job, he has researched on everything he needs to know about software development and he is able to explain the issue you have to you better than a software developer.

Solution: We do advise software developers to hire a customer service agent and if you cannot afford one, learn how to answer questions calmly and nicely from customers.

Read: Questions clients ask web developers and how to answer.

When you read the article above, you will find answers to questions most clients ask, so you can use them to answer your next clients.

6. When you tell them you can’t do a particular thing on the software without explanation

We had a client from China, who wanted a website just like Ali Express but wants it to be built on WordPress. The Software Team Leader said it’s possible but he would not advise us to use WordPress because this is going to be a website where billions of users will be and WordPress doesn’t have that capability. So, we told the client, then he explained to he really want to have a site like that but cannot afford it.

We then told the client why he can’t use WordPress, he understood, now he is back with more cash for our developers to start work.

Imagine we told the client, No, it’s not possible and we close the deal. How would that make our company look, like we don’t know what we are doing, next time he would not refer us to any of his friends and relatives.

Always explain to your clients why some you can’t do some things for them. Do not just give them a straight forward answer.
They deserve to know.

7. You keep the details of their Software
There are two types of handover when it comes to software development.

. Full handover
This is where you give the clients every access to their software, this means you are done with the project and you no longer in charge.
. Half Handover
In this case, you are in charge of maintenance and the client pays you every month.

Read: types of client handover

After every project when it’s time for handing over, let the client know about the types so they choose.
Most times you give access to them and they tamper with the software and expect you to fix the problem without being charged.

8. You ask for full payment
I always tell Developers to have an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) this way your Client signs an agreement that he will pay 70% upfront and the 30% left and the end of the project.

When you do this, the client takes you seriously and is ready to work with you.

9. When you do the opposite of what they want
There is this joy when you bring to reality what clients want and if you do the opposite they would have a bad view of your work and brand
So try to get every detail of what they want.
An example is to create a form like this

Website Design Form

To get full details of what the client wants and avoid always asking the clients questions.

10. These are the things your clients hate about you. I hope you have learned on how to make your work better and drive more customers to your brand.

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