5 best WordPress Email marketing plugins compared. Email Marketing tools help you increase subscribers and profits, outrun competitors, and attract more customers seamlessly. For a WordPress website, you must use WordPress Email Marketing plugins. Newsletters can be very beneficial for your website. It can help you to keep your website visitors engaged with your latest posts and contents of your website. It is very easy to install on a WordPress website. All you need to do is install a WordPress newsletter plugin, activate and you are good to go.

Every website owner wants to increase the number of visitors on their website. There are many sources to increase it like social media, improving SEO, and so on. One of the most popular methods is email marketing. Email distribution increases the process of communication with customers and prospects. It allows business owners to send subscribers newsletters, updates, product recommendations or promotions, and most importantly generate sales.

I remember when I started my blog, I used MailChimp plugin and I got a large number of clicks, everyone wanted to know what my website was about, and I kept on sending campaigns. Email marketing is the best tool to use as a blogger to attract traffic to your website.

Newsletter subscription forms are included on many websites. It appears as a popup in most of the websites. Below are some of the best free WordPress email subscription plugins.


  1. Mailchimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular and most used WordPress Email Marketing plugin for email marketing. Its dynamic services help internet marketing professionals to send emails to subscribers, this helps them in generating subscribers. MailChimp has a simple user interface for creating mailings and the best feature about MailChimp, is its ability to prevent mails sent from your organisation from landing in spam lists. MailChimp allows you to view the statistics on campaigns, and also set up autoresponders. MailChimp has different plans, as a startup you can use the free version which maintains a database of up to 2,000 subscribers but as the user you are entitled to only a single form. MailChimp is one of the essential tools you need to grow your business and automate your marketing.

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Key Features:

  • WooCommerce Integration.
  • Forms can be submitted using AJAX.
  • More than 100+ styles builder.
  • Email Notifications.
  • Integrate smoothly with other plugins.
  • Extra add-on plugins.

                       Download and Install This Plugin Here

  1. Newsletter

The best plugin for promoting your website and business. Newsletter is an easy to install email marketing plugin with cool features. The free version has a convenient drag and drop lettering, you can also view the statistics of your campaign and can be integrated anywhere on your site. Its compatibility with other WordPress plugins is top-notch. All you have to do is install the plugin on your website, activate the plugin and you will have a ready-made subscription form. If you want the Newsletter to appear on specific pages on our website, just add the HTML code to the backend of the website. Newsletter helps you automate your email marketing efforts which is a simple way to increase subscribers.

Newsletter allows you to easily send your audience a lot of newsletters to engage with them through emails. Newsletter allows you to have unlimited subscribers.

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Key Features

  • Drag and Drop Composer
  • Unlimited amount of newsletter
  • Prevents spam subscriptions
  • GDPR Compatible
  • SMTP ready.
  • Campaigns can be finely targeted according to the preferences of subscribers.

     Download and Install This Plugin Here

  1. MailPoet

SEO professionals make use of this WordPress plugin because they can easily announce new live articles, set up automatic emailing, and enable newsletter notifications. MailPoet is on of the best plugins for email marketing activities. All you have to do is install the plugin in your WordPress website and set up activities in the MailPoet platform console.

The console makes it easy for digital marketers to work with the subscriber database. The plugin provides various messaging templates, theme customization.

This plugin helps you to manage your subscribers and subscribers list. It has a lot of templates for you to choose from which can save a lot of time instead of starting from scratch.

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Key Features

  • Scheduling of newsletters.
  • Multiple templates.
  • WooCommerce Integration.
  • Drag and drop newsletter editor.
  • Subscribers can be imported easily.

     Download and Install This Plugin Here

  1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster helps you create stylish and colourful dialogues through forms that can be embedded inside panels or directly into the message text. It is the fastest and easiest WordPress plugin to install and the most interesting feature of OptinMonster WordPress plugin is its amazing pop-up window. You can also assign different templates and form for specific pages. OptinMonster provides you with your email marketing statistical reports to track your subscribers, increase sales and get more leads.

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Key Features

  • Pre-built template
  • Powerful targeting and segmentation engine
  • Minimal Setup
  • Multiple Form types

     Download and Install This Plugin Here

  1. Jetpack

Jetpack is used for both email and newsletter subscription. It is a multi-purpose WordPress plugin that can be used to display pop-up window for your newsletter subscription.  You can place them almost anywhere on your website via widgets or shortcode. Jetpack is not a free plugin, you will need to register at the official website.

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The review of these email marketing plugins will surely prove beneficial when you go about choosing the perfect plugin for the marketing of your brand. All the plugins have excellent features and functions that will give you satisfactory results once you start using them.

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