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Top 10 Skills to Learn during COVID-19

To Software Developers, This is the time to widen your Skills during COVID-19. This article is not only for software developers but to anyone willing to improve oneself.

Dear Software Developers,

As a family, it is our duty to check up on you, especially in unprecedented and uncertain times like this.

In spite of the novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak across the globe, we want you to stay positive in this period while adhering to the recommended health advice and best practices to combat the disease.

Our default response to the outbreak is to soar above the circumstances. However, we understand that people are navigating this season in various ways and so we ask that we support one another as we journey through the storms of this pandemic.

Health Advice
We are fully aligned with the health advice prescribed and published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other recognised health bodies.

As you adhere to these health guidelines, please also look out for and fully comply with instructions from the government of your current location particularly during this period.
Now let’s look at the top Skills to learn in this period.

Skills to learn as you work home
1. SQL 
SQL is a domain-specific language used in programming and designed for managing data held in a relational database management system, or for stream processing in a relational data stream management system.

What is SQL?

  • SQL stands for Structured Query Language
  • SQL lets you access and manipulates databases

What Can SQL do?

  • SQL can execute queries against a database
  • SQL can retrieve data from a database
  • SQL can insert records in a database
  • SQL can update records in a database
  • SQL can delete records from a database
  • SQL can create new databases
  • SQL can create new tables in a database
  • SQL can create stored procedures in a database
  • SQL can create views in a database
  • SQL can set permissions on tables, procedures, and views

2. Java 
Java is a general-purpose programming language that is class-based, object-oriented, and designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. … Java applications are typically compiled to bytecode that can run on any Java virtual machine (JVM) regardless of the underlying computer architecture.
Java is used for:

  • Mobile applications (especially Android apps)
  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
  •  Web servers and application servers
  • Games
  • Database connection

Why Use Java?

  • Java works on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc.)
  • It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world
  • It is easy to learn and simple to use
  • It is open-source and free
  • It is secure, fast and powerful
  • It has huge community support (tens of millions of developers)
  • Java is an object-oriented language which gives a clear structure to programs and allows code to be reused, lowering development costs

As Java is close to C++ and C#, it makes it easy for programmers to switch to Java or vice versa

3. Python 
Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. … It supports multiple programming paradigms, including procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming. Python is often described as a “batteries included” language due to its comprehensive standard library.
Python is used for:

  • Web development (server-side)
  • Software development
  • Mathematics
  • System scripting.

What can Python do?

  • Python can be used on a server to create web applications.
  • Python can be used alongside software to create workflows.
  •  Python can connect to database systems. It can also read and modify files.
  • Python can be used to handle big data and perform complex mathematics.
  • Python can be used for rapid prototyping, or for production-ready software development.

Why Python?

  • Python works on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc).
  • Python has a simple syntax similar to the English language.
  • Python has a syntax that allows developers to write programs with fewer lines than some other programming languages.
  • Python runs on an interpreter system, meaning that code can be executed as soon as it is written. This means that prototyping can be very quick.
  • Python can be treated in a procedural way, an object-orientated way or a functional way.

Good to know: The most recent major version of Python is Python 3, which we shall be using in this tutorial. However, Python 2, although not being updated with anything other than security updates, is still quite popular.

4. Advanced excel

Advanced Excel refers to features and functions of Microsoft Excel tool which helps the user to perform complex and large calculations, data processing on the huge amount of data, performing data analysis, better representation of data, etc.
Build a strong foundation in Excel for careers in:

  •  Investment banking
  • Private equity
  • Corporate development
  • Equity research
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

5. Power BI
Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards. Power BI suite provides multiple software, connector, and services – Power BI desktop, Power BI service based on Saas, and mobile Power BI apps available for different platforms. These sets of services are used by business users to consume data and build BI reports. This tutorial covers all the important concepts in Power BI and provides a foundational understanding of how to use Power BI.

6. Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson solicits prospective customers to buy products or services, either over the phone or through a subsequent face to face or web conferencing appointment scheduled during the call.
Why use Telemarketing
Telemarketing can help a wide variety of organizations achieve improved results in different ways. Though the most obvious form of telemarketing involves company calls to individuals at home to pitch them products, telemarketing is also a significant strategy in business-to-business sales, event promotion, political campaigning, and lead generation for more sophisticated sales procedures.

7. Content writing skills for bloggers
A Website content writer or web content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires the most relevant content to attract business. Content should contain keywords aimed towards improving a website’s SEO
15 Tips for Writing Web Content

  • Always start with keyword research for SEO.
  • Keyword stuffing is never okay
  • Drive toward powerful calls to action
  • Email vs. e-mail, Internet vs. internet and other style debates
  • Always hyperlink to your sources
  • Make the reader feel something.
  • Keep the action in your content writing
  • When writing for the web, chop it up.
  • Update your links
  • Invest in a good SEO suite 
  • Don’t forget SEO best practices
  • Give your readers a reason to care from the first sentence
  • Paint a picture
  • “Do’s and Don’t’s” vs. “Dos and Don’ts” — which is correct?
  • If you’re not sure, look it up at

8. Big Data

Big data is a field that treats ways to analyze, systematically extract information from, or otherwise, deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software.
What is Big Data Technology?

Big Data Technology can be defined as a Software-Utility that is designed to Analyse, Process and Extract the information from an extremely complex and large data set which the Traditional Data Processing Software could never deal with. In most big data circles, these are called the four V’s: volume, variety, velocity, and veracity. (You might consider a fifth V, value.)

9. Business Development Skills
Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Business development can be taken to mean any activity by either a small or large organization, a non-profit or for-profit enterprise that serves the purpose of ‘developing’ the business in some way.
Skills you must learn if you want to be a business developer

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Partnership
  4. Strategic Initiative 
  5. Project Management 
  6. Negotiation
  7. Networking
  8. Cost Saving

In essence, business development involves high-level decision-making based on a realistic assessment of all potential changes and their impact. Through new ideas and initiatives, it aims to improve the overall business prospects, which drive the functioning of the different business units. It is not sales; it is not marketing; it is not partnering. Instead, it is the eco-system encompassing the entire business and its various divisions, driving overall growth.

10. Artificial Intelligence
(AI) is the branch of computer sciences that emphasizes the development of intelligent machines, thinking and working like humans. For example, speech recognition, problem-solving, learning and planning.
You need to brush up with these skills so as to be the best when you resume your work. You can also learn the tools you need when you work from home.

During this period, Protect yourself by
Watch the video:

 Skills to Learn during COVID-19
Skills to Learn during COVID-19

1. Washing your hands frequently
2. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose
3. Covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze
4. Avoid crowded places
5. Stay at home if you feel unwell – even with a slight fever and cough
6. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early – but call by phone first
7. Stay aware of the latest information from WHO

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5 Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins : Free

What Is The Difference Between a Child Theme and a Premium Divi Child Theme

5 Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins : Free

5 best WordPress Email marketing plugins compared. Email Marketing tools help you increase subscribers and profits, outrun competitors, and attract more customers seamlessly. For a WordPress website, you must use WordPress Email Marketing plugins. Newsletters can be very beneficial for your website. It can help you to keep your website visitors engaged with your latest posts and contents of your website. It is very easy to install on a WordPress website. All you need to do is install a WordPress newsletter plugin, activate and you are good to go.

Every website owner wants to increase the number of visitors on their website. There are many sources to increase it like social media, improving SEO, and so on. One of the most popular methods is email marketing. Email distribution increases the process of communication with customers and prospects. It allows business owners to send subscribers newsletters, updates, product recommendations or promotions, and most importantly generate sales.

I remember when I started my blog, I used MailChimp plugin and I got a large number of clicks, everyone wanted to know what my website was about, and I kept on sending campaigns. Email marketing is the best tool to use as a blogger to attract traffic to your website.

Newsletter subscription forms are included on many websites. It appears as a popup in most of the websites. Below are some of the best free WordPress email subscription plugins.


  1. Mailchimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular and most used WordPress Email Marketing plugin for email marketing. Its dynamic services help internet marketing professionals to send emails to subscribers, this helps them in generating subscribers. MailChimp has a simple user interface for creating mailings and the best feature about MailChimp, is its ability to prevent mails sent from your organisation from landing in spam lists. MailChimp allows you to view the statistics on campaigns, and also set up autoresponders. MailChimp has different plans, as a startup you can use the free version which maintains a database of up to 2,000 subscribers but as the user you are entitled to only a single form. MailChimp is one of the essential tools you need to grow your business and automate your marketing.

Switch Webstudio

Key Features:

  • WooCommerce Integration.
  • Forms can be submitted using AJAX.
  • More than 100+ styles builder.
  • Email Notifications.
  • Integrate smoothly with other plugins.
  • Extra add-on plugins.

                       Download and Install This Plugin Here

  1. Newsletter

The best plugin for promoting your website and business. Newsletter is an easy to install email marketing plugin with cool features. The free version has a convenient drag and drop lettering, you can also view the statistics of your campaign and can be integrated anywhere on your site. Its compatibility with other WordPress plugins is top-notch. All you have to do is install the plugin on your website, activate the plugin and you will have a ready-made subscription form. If you want the Newsletter to appear on specific pages on our website, just add the HTML code to the backend of the website. Newsletter helps you automate your email marketing efforts which is a simple way to increase subscribers.

Newsletter allows you to easily send your audience a lot of newsletters to engage with them through emails. Newsletter allows you to have unlimited subscribers.

Switch Webstudio

Key Features

  • Drag and Drop Composer
  • Unlimited amount of newsletter
  • Prevents spam subscriptions
  • GDPR Compatible
  • SMTP ready.
  • Campaigns can be finely targeted according to the preferences of subscribers.

     Download and Install This Plugin Here

  1. MailPoet

SEO professionals make use of this WordPress plugin because they can easily announce new live articles, set up automatic emailing, and enable newsletter notifications. MailPoet is on of the best plugins for email marketing activities. All you have to do is install the plugin in your WordPress website and set up activities in the MailPoet platform console.

The console makes it easy for digital marketers to work with the subscriber database. The plugin provides various messaging templates, theme customization.

This plugin helps you to manage your subscribers and subscribers list. It has a lot of templates for you to choose from which can save a lot of time instead of starting from scratch.

Switch Webstudio

Key Features

  • Scheduling of newsletters.
  • Multiple templates.
  • WooCommerce Integration.
  • Drag and drop newsletter editor.
  • Subscribers can be imported easily.

     Download and Install This Plugin Here

  1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster helps you create stylish and colourful dialogues through forms that can be embedded inside panels or directly into the message text. It is the fastest and easiest WordPress plugin to install and the most interesting feature of OptinMonster WordPress plugin is its amazing pop-up window. You can also assign different templates and form for specific pages. OptinMonster provides you with your email marketing statistical reports to track your subscribers, increase sales and get more leads.

Switch Webstudio

Key Features

  • Pre-built template
  • Powerful targeting and segmentation engine
  • Minimal Setup
  • Multiple Form types

     Download and Install This Plugin Here

  1. Jetpack

Jetpack is used for both email and newsletter subscription. It is a multi-purpose WordPress plugin that can be used to display pop-up window for your newsletter subscription.  You can place them almost anywhere on your website via widgets or shortcode. Jetpack is not a free plugin, you will need to register at the official website.

Switch Webstudio

The review of these email marketing plugins will surely prove beneficial when you go about choosing the perfect plugin for the marketing of your brand. All the plugins have excellent features and functions that will give you satisfactory results once you start using them.

     Download and Install This Plugin Here

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7 of the Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins Compared


What Is The Difference Between a Child Theme and a Premium Divi Child Theme


The Top Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

The Best WordPress Email Subscription & Marketing Plugins



Ways to Integrate Social Media Into your Website

Social media has changed the way we interact, learn, apply for jobs, and even shop. Today, there are more than 3 billion active social media users worldwide, and that number continues to rise.

Social media can also make it easier to connect with companies we love, which is why so many brands are investing in it. In addition to building social profiles and posting regularly, it is important for brands to integrate their social media accounts with their websites.

In fact, website integration is arguably the most critical part of establishing your brand on social media. Here’s the thing: you do not own the traffic on Facebook or any other social media platform. That means you do not have full control of the relationships you build. If a social site changes its terms and conditions or decides to upgrade its algorithm, you could lose access to that audience.

However, when you integrate social media with your website, audience members are able to connect with you in a way that you control completely. On your site, you can add as many pictures as you like, share long-form content, and even encourage viewers to sign up for your mailing list. And best of all, no third-party can take away that connection.

Here are five strategies for integrating social media into your website so you can reap its benefits and work towards a direct relationship with your followers.

1. Use Social Media to Power Blog Comments

User-generated content like blog comments can help build relationships with your audience and start discussions. It is also great for SEO. The challenge is that comments are often rife with spam and, sometimes, rude responses. Managing blog comments can consume valuable resources.

By allowing your audience to sign in to leave comments through Facebook, you can cut down on spam and improve the quality of comments. This is very easy to implement using a WordPress plugin like WP Social Comments.

2. Add Social Media Sharing Buttons

According to Codeless, content creation is a crucial step but content which may be shared easily is more likely to go viral, earning your brand valuable publicity.

Make it easier for website visitors to share the awesome content you create by including social sharing buttons on articles and product pages.

When you make it easier, people are more likely to share the content you create with their friends, family, and social media followers.

3. Add an Instagram Gallery

This is a particularly important strategy for product-based companies. By embedding your Instagram feed into your website, prospective customers can get a look into the personality of your brand, see a wide range of products, or learn how to use your products.

For example, a fashion brand could embed their Instagram gallery to showcase models wearing their clothing in different ways. A craft company might use it to show off the process of creating their wares. And a travel company could embed their photos of real-time adventures.

WordPress users can easily install this feature using one of the many Instagram gallery plugins.

4. Make it Easier for Visitors to Follow You on Social Media

The average person checks their social media accounts several times a day. Social media is critical if you want to succeed in the competitive online landscape, which is why it is important not just to connect your social media sites to your website, but also connect your website to your social media profiles.

People aren’t likely to visit your website every day, but they are going to check their Facebook page. When a prospective customer follows you on social media, it gives you the opportunity to connect with them every day.

Encouraging website visitors to follow you on social media is simple, especially if you host your website on WordPress. Use a plugin like Social Pug to add social follow buttons in your navigation bar or footer. With just one click, followers can stay engaged with you across multiple social media sites. And you won’t have to learn any coding, thanks to how easy WordPress is to use.

5.  Allow People to Use Social Media to Sign in to Your Site

Requiring users to sign-in to view content or complete a specific action (such as making a comment or purchase) can be useful. It can make it easier to understand who your users are and better tailor content to their interests. Signing in can also increase your bounce rate, so it should only be used when there is a clear advantage. If it doesn’t offer value to site visitors, it may be best to skip this step.

If you do want to add a sign-in feature, you can use Facebook’s internal feature to allow users to sign in automatically using their Facebook accounts. This can be done with other social media platforms (eg, Twitter), but Facebook works for the vast majority (75%) of social media users.


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Ways to Make Facebook and Google Ads Work Efficiently Together

Usually, marketers measure Google and Facebook against one another to see which brings them the best results. In most cases, it’s always Google vs Facebook

Why not Google plus Facebook.

Each of the marketing channels has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, but when used together, they become even more powerful than as separated channels.

If you use Google + Facebook you will definitely get more marketing results than your competitors.

Here how to get started

  1. Set a well-targeted campaign on Facebook, when people see your ads they quickly run to Google to search for your brand.
  2. When running ads on Facebook use your brand name as a keyword in your search campaign on Google. This will lead audience on Facebook to find you on Google.
  3. Use ads that users always search for whether the ad was clicked or not .
  4. Use Unique landing pages and send your customers to the right segment which the ad on Google leads to.

Final Notes

Change your approach from “Google vs the” to “Google + Facebook”

How I made $100 in a day

Twitter the best Online Marketing Tool

Using Twitter as a marketing tool

Twitter influences brand attitudes. A business with a strong Twitter strategy keeps old and new customers engaged, attracts prospects, and drives visitors to the company website. Twitter builds sales and increases the profitablity of a business which makes it an important part of marketing strategy.

If you want to see your Twitter strategy result in more business, avoid tweeting about products and services, the company with a strong Twitter presence will mix quality content and customer service into their tweets, building brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Basic Things to remember when it comes to using Twitter as a marketing tool

  1. Customize your company profile. Ensure your profile reflects your brand. Use a logo as profile picture to create a strong visual association.
  2. Important features like physical location of the company, it’s website URL and it’s biography should be the portrayal of the business.
  3. Moderate tweet frequency to about 5/day
  4. Always Respond to mentions to encourage engagements
  5. Utilizing Twitter analytics
  6. Use influencers and prospects to amplify messaging and draw customers to the market funnel.

Twitter also help companies with free email marketing. Ensure you always have something to tweet.

About Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter gains much of its power as a marketing tool using interesting content. Twitter content needs variety of images, video, valuable information, infographics.

What you should do as a company

  1. Companies should balance their interests with those of their audience by Tweeting links to news and various market sources that can help people learn more.
  2. Build an engaged Twitter community by communicating with customers, businesses partners, stakeholders.
  3. Focus on customer service. This requires advance contingency.


As a company you can always use Twitter to promote and create positive value for your brand and exception customer service.

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